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Naomi Osaka

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Minecraft Player constrói terra inteira para escalar com novo mod

For those looking for a new project or simply something to make these stay-at-home days more exciting, you’re in luck: a YouTuber has created planet Earth at full scale in Minecraft, and he’s recruiting other players to help him finish building all of its man-made structures. The feat was achieved by YouTube gamer PippenFTS and…

6 novas coisas que sabemos sobre a Ilha da Armadura de Pokemon

Pokemon trainers will soon be allowed to roam the uncharted territories of the Isle of Armor as part of the Pokemon Sword and Shield Expansion Pass DLC. Let's take a look at six new things we now know about the upcoming update.Game Freak and The Pokemon Company have been drip feeding fans information about the…

Doom Eternal tem uma pistola secreta e você pode usá-la agora

In most shooters pistols appear as a starter weapon, but Doom Eternal skips players straight to a shotgun instead. It turns out a pistol was once planned, but was ultimately cut out when it didn't fit the flow of the gameplay. The weapon is still in the game, however, and can be accessed with console…

Hobby Lobby fecha lojas e começa demissões após 'Deus está no controle' Comentários em meio à pandemia de coronavírus

Despite previous claims from Hobby Lobby owner David Green that a "vision from God" told him and his wife to keep the chain open, stores are closing and the company might be making it worse. According to The Frontier, the Oklahoma-based business has closed its stores in the state and then turned around to cut…

Equipe de F1 da Universidade cria novo respirador do Reino Unido na luta contra vírus

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